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UpdatesJun 6, 20234 min

Update on the Update - "My Stuff" on Likewise 20.0

Likewise's "My Stuff" update revamped the rating and organizing system on Likewise. Our Head of Product weighs in on user questions about the update on May 17.


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Example of the new Likewise mobile user interface.
UpdatesMay 18, 20235 min

Likewise’s Biggest Update Ever - “My Stuff” is Here!

Rating and organizing your books, shows, and podcasts has never been easier!

Sophie Nélisse as Shauna in 'Yellowjackets' taking on child birth.
Likewise PicksMay 10, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Sophie Nélisse in Yellowjackets

‘Yellowjackets’ aims another gut-wrenching tragedy at Sophie Nélisse’s Shauna in its most recent episode.

Likewise brand logo.
UpdatesMay 9, 20233 min

Likewise, Personalized Content Discovery Platform, Announces Key Milestones

Learn more about Likewise's user growth, email newsletter re-brand, marketing partnerships, and AI enhancements.

Joaquin Phoenix as Beau reclining on a beach in 'Beau Is Afraid.'
Likewise PicksMay 3, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Joaquin Phoenix in Beau Is Afraid

It’s rare to see big-budget horror-comedies. Phoenix offers a refreshing, surreal performance in Ari Aster’s self-indulgent nightmare 'Beau Is Afraid.'

Ronald Gladden starred alongside James Marsden and other actors in a mockumentary, 'Jury Duty,' streaming on Amazon Freevee.
Likewise PicksApr 26, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Ronald Gladden in Jury Duty

In the high-concept comedy series 'Jury Duty,' 12 actors pretend to be sequestered for a trial—with one unknowing guest along for the ride.

Joaquin Phoenix, battered and bruised, stares blankly at the viewer.
Out NowApr 20, 20237 min

Beau Is Afraid - What Can We Expect?

Reviews are in! Director Ari Aster's latest release, 'Beau Is Afraid,' is sure to excite.

Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy reading a newspaper in season 4, episode 4 of 'Succession.'
Likewise PicksApr 20, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Sarah Snook in Succession

'Succession' pulls no punches in its first four new episodes, evidenced by Sarah Snook's Shiv Roy.

Bill Hader holding a handgun in front of a lit mirror in a still from HBO Max's 'Barry.'
Coming SoonApr 13, 20235 min

Beyond Barry: The Antihero Appeal

There's something undeniably endearing about antiheroes in titles like 'Barry,' but is this fascination unhealthy or harmless?

Ali Wong stars in ‘Beef’ opposite Steven Yeun.
Likewise PicksApr 11, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Ali Wong in Beef

Amy (Ali Wong) and Danny (Steven Yeun) are the dueling leads of ‘Beef,’ the new series created by Lee Sung Jin.

Promotional image for 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' featuring characters such as Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and more.
Out NowApr 7, 20235 min

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - What More Could You Ask For?

'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' is the latest video game adaptation to hit theaters, but does it surpass audience expectations or fall short?

Jennifer Aniston wears a fuzzy coat as she stands to the left of Adam Sandler in this still from Netflix's 'Murder Mystery 2.'
Likewise PicksApr 4, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery 2

'Murder Mystery 2' is available to stream now, featuring yet another hilarious performance from the always-great Adam Sandler.

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