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Charlotte Ritchie's captivating performance in You Season 4 has kept viewers on the edges of their seats.
ThrillerFeb 15, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Charlotte Ritchie in You

Netflix’s favorite psychopath Joe returns in Season 4 of ‘You’! Charlotte Ritchie’s outstanding work makes for a refreshing twist that revitalizes the series.

Cover of 'You Must Remember This' by Kat Rosenfield.
ThrillerJan 26, 2023

Q&A with Thriller Writer Kat Rosenfield

Kat Rosenfield spoke to fellow writer Catherine McKenzie about her new novel 'You Must Remember This.'

Dead to Me season 3 debuts on 11/17.
ThrillerNov 15, 202210 min

10 Murder Mystery Comedies That’ll Slay You

Sometimes you have to take a look at the more playful side of a murder mystery. These 10 hilariously dark titles do just that!

Mila Kunis plays Ani Fanelli in Netflix's Luckiest Girl Alive
Q&AOct 21, 202220 min

Q&A with Luckiest Girl Alive Author Jessica Knoll

Luckiest Girl Alive author Jessica Knoll shares her behind-the-scenes journey of turning her bestselling book into a hit Netflix movie starring Mila Kunis.

A still from the 2022 horror movie smile, directed by Parker Finn.
Out NowOct 14, 202210 min

Smile is Killing at The Box Office Two Weeks in a Row

Thanks to the best jump scares of the year and terrifying creature design, the psychological horror of Smile is spreading like wildfire among critics and fans.

Scary Movies
ThrillerOct 6, 20225 min

10 Best Hidden Gem Scary Shows to Watch This Fall

Feel like you've seen all the best horror shows? From the bone-chilling series Channel Zero to The Exorcist, these hidden gem scary shows are worth a watch!

Don't Worry Darling.jpeg
Out NowOct 5, 202220 min

Why Don’t Worry Darling Is Actually Great on a Rewatch

Olivia Wilde’s Don't Worry Darling, has become the buzziest movie of the year—but sadly, for the wrong reasons. Fortunately, it's much better on a rewatch.

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