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ThrillerFeb 15, 20235 min

Winner of the Week - Charlotte Ritchie in You

Netflix’s favorite psychopath Joe returns in Season 4 of ‘You’! Charlotte Ritchie’s outstanding work makes for a refreshing twist that revitalizes the series.

By John Farrar

Charlotte Ritchie's captivating performance in You Season 4 has kept viewers on the edges of their seats.
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Note: potential spoilers below.

The Winner

Winner of the Week: Charlotte Ritchie

Show: You - Season 4

Episode: Episode 1, “Joe Takes a Holiday” (2/9/2023)

Why Her?

Season 4 of You, continues the “eat the rich” craze that has taken pop culture by storm: we’re looking at you The White Lotus and The Menu. But the premise alone is not enough to keep me engaged in You’s repetitive and tiresome plot. Yes, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) must, once again, flee his previous home, change identities, and hide the truth that he is (despite his delusional reassurances) a killer.

Fortunately, You Season 4 has a refreshing twist thanks to the captivating performance from Charlotte Ritchie as Kate, Joe’s new neighbor and love interest. Kate is an independent, suspicious, and fierce art gallery director who embraces the moniker “icy bitch.” A refreshing aspect of Season 4 is that Kate is the first character in the series to acknowledge Joe’s inner monologue that narrates a majority of the show. Near the end of episode one, Kate interrupts one of Joe’s daydreams with:

"Oi, where did you go?"

This sudden break from Joe’s thoughts is as shocking to the viewer as it is for Joe. It gives the sense that Kate can somehow see Joe for who he really is, a feeling unfamiliar to Joe. As the episodes progress, it becomes increasingly clear that Kate has the ability to notice Joe’s inner thoughts—and proceeds to call him out on them.

Charlotte Ritchie and Penn Badley featured in Netflix's You Season 4.

This sense of self-awareness highlights the absurdity of Joe’s thoughts and actions and allows the show to take itself a little less seriously, which it desperately needed. One part charming, two parts terrifying and psychopathic, Joe is as creepy as ever in Part 1 of Season 4 of You. Mark your calendars for the release of Part 2 on March 9!

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Likewiser Reviews:

Omg this 1st half of season 4 has been FIRE - @licole_brown

Super creepy, but also sooooo addicting and interesting. I love this show, and even though it’s weird, it’s really unexpected! - @justmanderz

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