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Michelle Yeoh stands in front of a microphone holding an Oscar during her acceptance speech at the 95th Academy Awards.
AwardsMar 13, 20235 min

2023 Oscars Winners - Complete List

The 2023 Oscars' highlight was the seven awards for ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ followed by four wins for ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’.

The iconic gold Academy Awards statue stands idle on a red carpet before the awards ceremony.
AwardsMar 9, 202310 min

2023 Oscars - Inspiring Storylines & Long-Awaited Comebacks

Get up-to-date on all the storylines, drama, and predictions before the 2023 Oscars.

On a grassy plain sits a young man and two young women in period attire, staring blankly into the distance.
AwardsMar 1, 20237 min

Women Directors That Got Snubbed at the 2023 Oscars

With the 2023 Oscars right around the corner, it’s time to talk about all the women directors that got snubbed this year.

The 2023 Oscars nominations are in; read more to see every movie nominated for an Academy Award this year.
AwardsJan 24, 202310 min

Oscars Nominations 2023 Announced - Full List

The Academy has announced the 2023 Oscar nominations which include 'Avatar: The Way of Water,’ ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ & more.

Loved by fans and critics alike, Top Gun: Maverick stars Tom Cruise.
AwardsDec 16, 20225 min

Best Movies of 2022 - A Comprehensive List

2022 was filled with awe-inspiring stories that made us laugh, cry, and scream—sometimes all at once. Take a look at the fan-voted best movies of the year.

Severance is available to stream now on Apple TV+.
NetflixDec 15, 202210 min

Best TV Shows and Limited Series of 2022 - A Comprehensive List

Popular streaming series like 'Andor,' 'Better Call Saul,' & 'Stranger Things' made for a wild 2022—so picking the best shows of the year was tougher than ever.

Watch the Golden Globes this January 10th at 5:00 pm PST on NBC and Peacock.
AwardsDec 13, 202210 min

Golden Globes 2023 Nominations Announced - Full List

Golden Globes announces the 2023 nominations which include 'The White Lotus’, ‘Abbott Elementary,’ ‘Avatar: The Way of Water,’ & more.

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